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What does freedom mean to you? Is it

…freedom from a timeclock?


…freedom from the ‘money-pit’ house?

Money Pit

…freedom from debt collectors?

Debt Collector

…freedom from constant anxiety?



And how do I get this freedom? I’m glad you asked because The Barefoot Writer Club is offering their report to show you how to get that freedom – FREE. But it’s up to you to find out how and to act NOW.

Hello, everyone, my name is Mindy McHorse and I’m living proof on how to achieve these freedom goals by writing. You obviously have an interest in writing already or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Good for you. Keep on reading…

My life is different in so many ways after discovering how to make those changes by writing. And through The Barefoot Writer Club you can make changes to your life, too. Take a look at these:

Working From Home – I don’t need to go into detail, but can you imagine working in your pajamas? Or in a swimsuit from poolside with a tall glass of sweet tea on the table beside you? Or on a hillside in your favorite foreign country in a luxury villa? It’s your choice. Your freedom assisted by The Barefoot Writer Club.

More Family Time – a typical family may take a vacation once a year (twice if they’re financially able and can get away from their j-o-b). AAA states that over one-third of families are planning one or two vacations annually. This is increasing which is actually a good sign.

My family is blessed to go on an extended vacation at least every three (yes, I said 3) months. We travel within the United States as well as around the world. A month in Ireland? You bet. Three weeks in Australia? We’re there.

Money – the world’s most used and abused reason for failure. But for me and my family, it doesn’t exist anymore. Through The Barefoot Writer Club and a drive to succeed, we’re now financially stable. We have substantial retirement savings.

Each kid has a college fund. My three children are 2, 5, and 7 – so college is still at least 11 years away, but according to Vanguard our 7-year old will cost us approximately $218,223 for a 4-year degree. Done.

We even set up a special account for travel.

And because our community is very important to us, we have multiple charity funds – we love animals so ASPCA is number one on the list.


Let me tell you the story of my high school friend, Brenda. She and I met up after being apart for ten years. We were close back then but lost touch as many do when we ‘grew up’ and moved away to start our own lives. We met up purely by accident at a department store where she was working one of three jobs. We reminisced briefly and made a lunch date on one of her rare days off. Brenda, like me, married after graduation. She has three beautiful children. However, the pressure was too much for her husband and he left her. And the children. She was forced to find any kind of job possible to make ends meet and feed her kids. Sounds typical? Unfortunately so.

At lunch, Brenda told me about all of the hardships she’d endured since her divorce. Then she bluntly asked me if I had won the lottery or got a large inheritance? With a sincere smile and open heart, I told her what I was doing. Then I told her about the money I was making by writing in my spare time. She was floored. You see, Brenda was in the top 2% in all our English classes. She loved to write papers of any kind on any subject. She is a natural author. So after we talked about The Barefoot Writer Club, she joined immediately.

That was two years ago and she’s a 6-figure copywriter today. Her kids go to really nice schools. Brenda enjoys spending more relaxed, fun time with her children. Not only do they travel, but she has three homes on three continents now. And she enjoys the occasional (actually it’s a weekly) total spa treatment.


Can you do this? Could you handle the weekly spa visit? Would you like to take your kids on long, lavish vacations? Or spend quiet time on the veranda of your home overlooking the mountains or maybe the ocean?

You can.

Your choice.

Your goal.


Do it NOW. Click on the link below or anywhere you see

The Barefoot Writer Club: