In a perfect world, we have perfect families. We have perfect homes. We have perfect spouses. We have perfect children. We have perfect parents.

What?! You mean you DON’T have a “perfect” world?

Well, news flash – neither do I.

And I really don’t want one. Now, that’s a shocker.

Being perfect or even appearing to be perfect is just being oblivious to the world that we live in and being unable to accept one another as we are.

I don’t want to be perfect. At least until I die and then I pray that my soul is perfect and in heaven.

Accept me for who I am and what I am and where I am in this world. Don’t judge me. Don’t try to make me who you want me to be. Don’t push me into a mold of your making. Don’t criticize me to the point of tears because I can’t seemingly live up to your standards.

My belief is that if you can’t accept me as I am, then you may have issues that you can’t deal with in your own life. For that, I can’t even say I’m sorry because only YOU have control of your life.

You can either make your life better by making changes or keep yourself in your current situation by keeping things the way they are. And not making any changes.

I only control MY life. MY decisions. MY changes (whenever necessary). And MY choices.

I love you.

God loves you.

You are my “perfect” family.