Are you…

Are You “MOTIVATED”? Or “motivated”?


Now, at first glance, the only difference you see in the title is that the word motivated is in all-caps and also in lower case font. Right? Well, that part is true, but how does that simple difference make you feel?

The all-caps “MOTIVATED” (in social media terms) looks like the word is yelling at you. The lower case “motivated” is sort of blasé. No emotion. No emphasis. It’s just there.

So getting back to the aspect of how that makes you feel, when you see “MOTIVATED”, do you take a mental step backward and say to yourself, “What the !#^$#@ is this writer trying to do?” When you see “motivated”, do you just brush by it without any reaction?


Writing is a powerful tool. Writers know this and have controlled this tool since the beginning of time and the written word. Regardless of the topic, the writer can ultimately control how you feel about it. Motivation is our topic today.

Being motivated is a personal issue. Writers have to deal with it constantly. “Writers Block” is strongly about motivation. Entrepreneurs have to be highly motivated to be successful. Students need the motivation to make it to the next class, through the next test. The business owner has to be motivated to open up the door every day to bring in customers. Parents’ primary motivation is dealing with their children. Most importantly, the individual – you, me, that guy over there, or the woman over here – all need motivation to survive, to endure, and to be happy.

AHA! Motivation = Happiness! Now we’re getting somewhere. Almost 6.4 million hits generated in Google using “motivation equals happiness”. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. In today’s social media explosion it’s easy to get more information about a subject than you ever dreamed of, thanks to Google.


Motivational speakers are also motivational writers. Some of the most well-known have published extensive, profitable, and almost biblical books on motivation. How to be motivated. How to motivate people. How to motivate motivators.

  • One of the most well-known motivational speakers/writers was Zig Ziglar (1926-2012). Did you know that he wrote thirty-three books ( His son Tom continues spreading his father’s work and inspiration.
  • Tony Robbins ( has written five books and is a philanthropist, public-speaker, entrepreneur, and life coach. He is practically a household name known worldwide.
  • Nick Vujicic ( so far has published eight books dealing with life, motivation, and religion. His entire life is motivational not only because of his physical uniqueness but because of his religious convictions.



 Are you happy when you are motivated?

 Do you have to be motivated to be happy?


While all of these are valuable questions, they’re only valuable to you as an individual when you can answer them honestly to yourself.


What MOTIVATES you? What excites you? What gets you up in the morning? What gets you out of the door? It was almost funny to Google the first question and see that the most popular answers dealt with work. Jobs. Interviews. Not much on a personal level. There were 19.9 hits (for clarity sake, not all of them were examined).

What does that mean? That 19.9 hits came up, but the most popular were in regards to making a living? Well, you could look at it like this – work is your life. Making money is your life. Or the search parameter needs to be a little more specific – this is a much more acceptable option.

“What motivates you in life” pulled up 20.5 hits and a list of six items from Interesting – here they are:

  1. Money and Rewards
  2. A desire to be The Best
  3. Helping the Others
  4. Power and Fame
  5. Recognition
  6. The Passion

Just out of curiosity, how many motivate you?


Are you happy when you are motivated? Did you realize that motivation can be an actual physical craving in your own body? How many of you can relate to the phrase “adrenaline rush”? Sports enthusiasts, in particular, can relate whether it’s in participating in sports, watching sports, or going to extremes to generate an “adrenaline rush”. Does it make them happy? Very possibly.

Some may say that they have to be happy to be motivated. That depression or anxiety robs them of all motivational tendencies. So take a moment and rid yourself of any depressing or anxious thoughts by trying the following:

  • Don’t take everything so seriously – if you make a mistake, laugh it off & go on.
  • Forgive yourself and it will be much easier to forgive others – let it go.
  • Learn from the past, but leave it there.

Motivate yourself into a happy place mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Do you have to be motivated to be happy? Do you have to make yourself be happy? Wait… Isn’t that what you just said in “Are you happy when you are motivated?” No secret there. Yes.

Happy Motivated

It’s a cause and effect process for us all.


Will it always be successful? No.


Will it always fail? No.


And, yes, the ultimate decision is yours.


Are You “MOTIVATED”? Or “motivated”?