Hellen Gable is diverse in her talents and is a skilled writer.

In regards to Hellen’s technical skills, she is fantastic at Excel, PowerPoint and all things computer oriented. Also flexible enough to be able to take any vision for report needed and execute on it quickly.

Her internal attributes include the ability to really listen to those around her and help proactively in any way she can.

Her relationship with people is that she is one of the absolute best people I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with. She treats everyone with such a kindness and love that is unmatched. Any person she comes across would run through a wall for her because she builds true and strong friendships.

As for Hellen’s knowledge and experience as I know her, she always adapts to the needs of the business regardless of how many changes and obstacles come her way. From understanding people to navigating in this ever-changing world, Hellen has the absolute most valued qualities any person would be lucky to have!

Stacey Tyler, General Manager-Verizon/Summerville, SC


Hi Hellen,

I have to say that your blog is a really wonderful read.
Even though I had been with you on your journey through Ireland, you made it feel as if it was all new to me.
You have made a very detailed account of all the places that you visited, and being able to find out what you were thinking and the things that you remembered more fondly makes it all the more interesting.
I will be looking forward to reading more from your blog, and want to wish you all the very best with this exciting new venture for you.

All the best,


From Joe Ormonde, award-winning Irish photographer & renowned tour-guide of his homeland Ireland.  http://www.joeormondephotograpyandtours.com