The E.G.G.


 A casually dressed man walks through a security scan while a woman with a screaming toddler has more than one TSA agent occupied. He goes through, pausing and looking back at the woman with a quick nod that no one else notices.  She nods in turn and carries on.

The man named Adam continues walking through the mélange of tourists, business travelers, and airport workers. He heads directly to the “United Club” counter and is greeted by the pristine attendant with another curt nod. He’s directed to a door to the left of the counter.

Now to the untrained eye, the door looks like another panel in the façade of the private club of rich air travelers. But it’s not. It leads to the elevator of the most obscure of businesses – The Élite Global Government.  Or “The E.G.G.” for short.

Adam walks confidently into the elevator, preparing himself for the seemingly short ride down into the heart of The EGG. For millenniums, people have hypothesized about the existence of an underground government. Only privileged few know it really exists.

Part of the select government personnel, few know that Adam is really the governmental leader of a continent. He and six others are the cabals watching over their respective localities. Watching and waiting for the sign determining when they would emerge and literally save the world from itself. And the so-called governments that were currently in charge.

The elevator ride ends. He emerges into a modestly sized area of workers who are oblivious to Adam, though they know he is there and they know his importance. Casually and respectfully nodding, he walks past. He heads directly to the room where his six counterparts are already deep in discussion.

“He finally did it,” said Evie, the woman sitting beneath a beautiful carving of Australia.

“Who does he think he is?” inquired Daniel, another man similar to Adam, sitting under a similar intricate carving of North America.

“Adam, good to see you – even under these circumstances,” said the man beneath Africa.

“You, too, Joseph,” answered Adam, respectfully. “It’s time.”

“We’re all here now,” said the woman sitting underneath Asia named Su Lei.

Protocol not being ignored, roll call was taken.

The animated voice of the electronic scribe began:


“Here,” Joseph responded.


“Here,” said the woman in white named Eve.


“Here,” Su Lei answered.


“Here,” Evie replied.


“Here,” said Francois, the sharp-dressed man in a deep French accent.

“North America?”

“Here,” Daniel said.

“South America?”

“Here,” Adam replied.

The fluid voice of the animated scribe continued, “We are here today to evaluate the action of the leader of the free world. And determine if the time has come for The Elite Global Government to take over in order to stop a global disaster.”

“All in favor raise your right hand,” spoke the scribe. Without hesitation, seven right hands were raised spontaneously.

A scanner proceeded to process the scene for posterity. Within milliseconds, the world changed.

(Image from the St. Petersburg Collection)